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Her multicultural background provides various inputs and useful resources that could benefit the process of my healing, mentally and physically.


From a male’s perspective, and especially as first-time parents, I didn’t initially appreciate just how helpful having a knowledgeable guide by our side would be, but looking back, Ellen was the key to having our birth experience go as planned. From the beginning we have felt like close friends rather than clients.


“A doula is like a trail guide. Familiar with the path, she keeps you hiking through the hard parts, knowing the view at the end is incredible.”


A warm, touching, and real birth story of Austin - who's born at the caring family.


She made my labor and delivery process so joyful, and she is more than just a doula for us, she is a family friend.


We had a superb experience with Ellen! Before the labor, she had multiple sessions with my wife and me. She transferred a large amount of super helpful knowledge to us including how father can help mother, how to relieve pain, how to plan the labor, and etc.

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