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Ellen Hsu

We are laboring together!!

It's not all about my skills, it's because I'm in rhythm with you.

About Me

My Care Philosophy

“We are laboring together!” I always say, it’s your birth but I am laboring with you! I am a “you-centered” provider who focuses on you, not birth management. 


Through actively listening, I create a tailored plan for your needs. Through education, you can feel ease, trust, and confidence for your unique birth experience. 


How do I thrive? 

I am a life-long learner and I enjoy multitasking! I am constantly taking continuous education in order to provide the most evidence-based information and unique support to you. I provide a variety of birth and postpartum education and support. 


I often have OB providers, midwives, nurses, clients, and other professionals who recommend my services to others. With blessings, I have attended more than 400 births. 

I am a certified birth and postpartum doula as well as a Washington state certified medical and social services interpreter. I am a Swedish contracted doula as well as in the eastside health network with Evergreen and Overlake hospital.

Work Experience


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About Me
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  • Two to three birth preparation via  Zoom, 1h/each session

  • 24/7 phone, text, email support from week 38 until baby birthday

  • Join your birth after you are admitted and in active stage

  • Entire labor support until 1-2 hour after baby arrives


Birth Day Support

  • An hour birth preparation via Zoom

  • Join your birth after you are admitted and in active stage

  • Entire labor support until 1-2 hour after baby arrives

Birth Doula Package

Most Recent Trainings

  • Eastside Health Network Provider, 2021

  • Washington Swedish Contracted Provider2018

  • Birth Doula CertificationDONA - 2018

  • Birth Doula CertificationPALS - 2018

  • Postpartum Doula CertificationIDI - 2020

  • Childbirth Educator TrainingParent Trust - 2019

  • ICEA Childbirth Educator2021  

  • Rebozo TrainingSeattle - 2018

  • Spinning BabiesSeattle - 2018

  • TENS unit trainingMuza Advanced Doula - 2019

  • Infant Sleep WorkshopDONA - 2021

  • Emotional Class for Children2021

  • Aromatherapy for labor and birth2021

  • Labor Tools for Birth Pros4th Trimester Fitness - 2021

  • Birth Ball 30 Workout4th Trimester Fitness - 2021

  • Creative & Confident Virtual Teaching Workshops2021

  • Labor BiomechanicsMamaste Fit - 2021

  • All About PushingMamaste Fit - 2021

  • Dance for Birth, Stephanie Larson, 2022

  • Sound Birthing Music, Dr. Mary DiCamillo, 2022

  • Blissborn, Hypnosis, 2022

  • Dystocia, Spinning Baby, 2022

  • Washington State Certified Medical and Social Services Interpreter

Contact Me


Ellen blew my mind with her professionalism, knowledge and dedication toward her work. Her being there made our childbirth experience so much easier, made my life so much easier!

Ellen's presence was one of the primary reasons that I had such a positive experience. 

As someone who works in the obstetrics field delivering babies, I approached Ellen after watching her interact with many of my own patients. I think she strikes a perfect balance of labor support, emotional support, patient advocacy, and giving the medical team their space to do what they think is best as well.


Being a mom herself, she cares a lot about moms and newborns and is very committed to the work that she’s doing.

Jessica, M.D.


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