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I Offer For You And Your Family

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Birth Doula Package 


  1. Three birth preparation via Zoom, 1h/each session

  2. 24/7 text or phone support from week 38 until baby birthday

  3. Join your birth after you are admitted and in active stage

  4. Entire labor support until 1-1.5 hour after baby arrives

  5. One hour customized “Feeding Plan” session

  6. One lactation & postpartum support, home 1.5h/Zoom 2h


Package A (1-6) $2,300; Package B (1-4) $2,000.

If you will be giving birth at Swedish, the rate is $2,500 with different package, please contact Swedish or me for details. 

If you are in different cities/countries, virtual doula support is also available to you. 

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Birth Day Support


  • An hour birth preparation via Zoom

  • Join your birth after you are admitted and in active stage

  • Entire labor support until 1-2 hour after baby arrives

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Practical Skills for 2 of U


  • In-Home coping strategies session for you and your support team

  • Welcome to have more than 1 support person to participate with no extra cost

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Childbirth Education Package


  • 8 hours​ Zoom

  • Topics included 

    • Stages of labor/Is it time to go?

    • Coping Skills/comfort measures in labor

    • Interventions/medications/cesarean

    • Postpartum/Newborn/Lactation


Customized Private

Childbirth Class



Postpartum Doula Support


  • Postpartum physical and emotional recovery plan

  • Feeding/lactation support and planning

  • Newborn care support

  • Family of 3 routine established

  • Without breast massage education

  • (This service is not meant to replace more extensive pp services or lactation consultant)


Breast Massage Education


  • 60 mins breast massage demonstration

  • A gift of “Zi-Jin-Tang” breast massager or

  • A gift of CPTG fractionated coconut oil (massage oil)

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Online Consultation


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